We are the FORWARD THINKERS. Concelex is not just a team, but an integrated organization backed by 700+ professionals who design and build for a brighter future. Turnkey solutions require 360-degree teams, so we cover the entire construction chain – tenders, project design, research & development, construction site production, financials, legal, HR, quality control, and operational support.


A construction engineer with 37 years of experience in the industry, Mr. Pițurlea founded Concelex in 1994, guiding and developing the company across its 28 years of operation based on the motto "Building Excellence".

Daniel Piturlea

Patricia_Sturzoiu_20200804_0356 (002)

Patricia Sturzoiu, a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, is a passionate architect with a love for creating communities. At Concelex and Quadratum Architecture, she fuses her passions into projects ranging from residential to educational, medical, industrial, and urban regeneration.

Patricia Sturzoiu


At Concelex, Radu's efforts are focused on business development and growth, consolidating the company's results, and securing the company’s role as a top player on the Romanian construction market.

Radu Piturlea


Catalin has been working at Concelex for over 16 years and has held several roles within the company, in both the commercial and production areas, and he currently coordinates the company’s entire operational activity.

Catalin Visan

Executive Director

Bianca Vişan has been leading the Concelex financial department since 2004, efficiently managing the integrity of the company's assets. Bianca oversees all financial-accounting activity and is also in charge of liaising with financial institutions and state authorities.

Bianca Visan

Finance Director

With vast professional experience in the construction sector, Claudiu Dragan has coordinated a series of municipal works as well as the construction of treatment plants and production halls. At Concelex, he manages production activity, coordinating and supervising all our construction sites.

Claudiu Dragan

Production Director

A graduate of the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, Elena Iaurum has been working in the construction field for almost 30 years. She joined the Concelex team 10 years ago and is currently leading the Tendering Department – Buildings & Energy.

Elena Iaurum

Tendering Director - Buildings and Energy

Upon joining the Concelex team, Gina placed her focus on the key needs of our employees, their integration into the organizational culture, and the company’s structure. She is equally active in the implementation of the Professional Development Program for our employees.

Gina Iordan

Human Resources Director

An accomplished experienced executive, with 25+ years of professional experience and proven track record in Business Processes Management, Business Strategy, Product Development and Pricing, Adrian aims at turning “innovation” into the native tongue in Concelex.

Adrian Florea

Development and Digital Transformation Director

A high performance professional with an impressive track record in infrastructure and construction, Camelia has an extensive portfolio of projects, including significant contributions to the rehabilitation and construction of national roads, bridges, highways, airports and non-residential buildings. Contract management and in-depth knowledge of international regulations make her a valuable asset to Concelex.

Camelia Niculae

Infrastructure Director

A graduate of the Universities of Bucharest and Cologne, Dragos specialized in real estate law, both as consultant and attorney-at-law. As Legal Manager at Concelex, he overviews the company’s entire legal-related chain.

Dragos Parvu

Head of Legal

In the last decade Bogdan has taken up the challenge of coordinating special infrastructure projects, managing complex projects such as airports, harbor and maritime works. Bogdan is passionate about his work and, as a leader, develops high performance cross-functional teams. He brings rich and diverse expertise, supporting innovation and sustainability in the construction sector.


Director of Special Projects & Infrastructure Division
florin minea

In over 18 years of experience and professionalism, Florin has promptly responded to the most challenging requirements imposed by investors and beneficiaries, successfully completing dozens of projects, hundreds of office spaces, and thousands of apartments and residential areas.

Florin Minea

Director of North Division
ginel radu

Ginel has over 20 years of experience in coordinating large-scale infrastructure projects - metro lines, bridge or viaduct rehabilitation. Determined to motivate the team he leads at Concelex, he has developed together with them the segment of thermal rehabilitation of residential buildings, with an immediate impact on improving the quality of life for residents.

Ginel Radu

Director of South Division
vali ciuta

Vali has excelled in developing projects in the nuclear energy field, the consolidation and modernization of cultural spaces, as well as those for sporting activities, and last but not least, extensive projects focusing on educational infrastructure.

Vali Ciută

Director of East Division