We are the FORWARD THINKERS. Concelex is not just a team, but an integrated organization backed by 700+ professionals who design and build for a brighter future. Turnkey solutions require 360-degree teams, so we cover the entire construction chain – tenders, project design, research & development, construction site production, financials, legal, HR, quality control, and operational support.

1 Daniel Piturlea

A construction engineer with 34 years of experience in the industry, Mr. Pițurlea founded Concelex in 1994, guiding and developing the company across its 27 years of operation based on the motto "Building Excellence".

Daniel Piturlea

President & CEO
1 Radu Piturlea

At Concelex, Radu's efforts are focused on business development and growth, consolidating the company's results, and securing the company’s role as a top player on the Romanian construction market.

Radu Piturlea

1 Catalin Visan

Catalin has been working at Concelex for over 15 years and has held several roles within the company, in both the operational and production areas, and he currently coordinates the company’s entire operational activity.

Catalin Visan

Executive Director
1 Claudiu Dragan

With vast professional experience in the construction sector, Claudiu Dragan has coordinated a series of municipal works as well as the construction of treatment plants and production halls. At Concelex, he manages production activity, coordinating and supervising all our construction sites.

Claudiu Dragan

Production Director
1 Bianca VIsan

Bianca Vişan has been leading the Concelex financial department since 2004, efficiently managing the integrity of the company's assets. Bianca oversees all financial-accounting activity and is also in charge of liaising with financial institutions and state authorities.

Bianca Visan

Finance Director
1 Gina Iordan

Upon joining the Concelex team, Gina placed her focus on the key needs of our employees, their integration into the organizational culture, and the company’s structure. She is equally active in the implementation of the Professional Development Program for our employees.

Gina Iordan

Human Resources Director
1 Alexandra Serban

With over 13 years of experience in various PR & Marketing roles and skilled in Corporate Communication, Media Relations, Event Management and Branding, Alexandra recently joined Concelex laying the groundwork for the company’s marcomm presence, positioning it as a top-of-mind sector leader.

Alexandra Serban

Group Marketing & Communications Director
1 Dragos Parvu

A graduate of the Universities of Bucharest and Cologne, Dragos specialized in real estate law, both as consultant and attorney-at-law. As Legal Manager at Concelex, he overviews the company’s entire legal-related chain.

Dragos Parvu

Head of Legal