Sustainability & Certificates

Sustainability & Certificates

Business success is not our only goal; we are also committed to protecting the environment. We designed our operations in order to leave an ambitious mark on people and places, bringing constructions from scratch to art, yet reducing environmental impact to minimum.

  • Using renewable and recyclable resources;
  • Reducing energy consumption and waste;
  • Building healthy, environmentally-friendly communities;
  • Protecting nature.

All of the above are encompassed by our sustainable mission to conduct environmental-friendly operations across all our construction sites.

Thanks to its commitment to a low environmental impact, Concelex is proud to be the first and only carbon-neutral general contractor in Romania.


As part of our efforts to take industry professionalism even one step further, we are one of the founding members of the Romanian Green Building Council, incorporating design and implementation standards that are both environmentally-responsible and efficient, as well as creating a community whose members are encouraged to share and test their ideas and solutions.


We are committed to calculating and offsetting our annual emissions as part of our sustainable business strategy. Concelex has chosen to offset its emissions by investing in an equivalent number of tonnes of carbon credits associated with a green project which generates clean energy from the capture and combustion of landfill gas. This zero-carbon emissions strategy has been implemented in Romania with the help of Blue Planet and Carbon Expert, official Allcot partners for Eastern Europe.

Offsetting CO2 emissions is based on the voluntary contribution of an amount of money proportional to the tonnes of CO2 emitted which could not be reduced in other ways.

The funds are used to purchase carbon credits, each being equivalent to one tonne of CO2 emitted.

Concelex has chosen a project which reuses landfill biogas to generate energy.

Not only does this project bring environmental benefits, but also generates wealth in the area, through job creation.


“Building Excellence” is not just a motto, but a working standard as well. For Concelex, quality means that all products and services we provide meet customers’ requirements and are delivered flawlessly from all points of view, guaranteeing safety and environmental protection.

At company level, we provide:


  • Specialists certified by the Ministry of Public Works and Territorial Administration in areas such as civil, industrial, and agribusiness engineering;
  • Project execution technicians;
  • Building site managers certified as workforce health & safety inspectors, as well as quality controllers.

Internal auditors for:

  • Quality Management System Internal Auditor – ISO 9001;
  • Environment Management System Internal Auditor – ISO 14001;
  • Occupational Health and Security Management Internal Auditor OHSAS 45001;
  • Anti-bribery Management System Internal Auditor – ISO 370001;
  • Technical authorization for railway supplier;
  • Railway technical compliance (railway infrastructure constructions and engineering)